Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is of great importance. To ensure that the process of your orders and the users' experience run correctly we collect your data during your visit and your orders. These are described below. All collected data follows the legal guidelines treated in the field of personal data. If you wish, you may retrieve your data and adjust it if necessary or have it removed from our system.

Secure connection
All direct payments are also encrypted securely via SSL through our partner MultiSafepay or PayPal. That way we can be sure that your confidential data is only visible for you and the secure payment server.

What information we collect and why?

This web shop uses cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your device to be able to identify you in the web shop. For example, they keep track of the products you put in your shopping cart and how far the ordering process is advanced. When you come through one of our affiliates, then it is stored in a cookie to link your order to the affiliate. Cookies are also used to remember which language you use on our site.

Personal and/or business data
Your overall personal and/or business data is stored for these are necessary to process your order and shipment. Your email address will be stored and used for status updates of your order, correspondence with our company and to keep you informed of offers and news. You can unsubscribe here if desired.

To ensure the proper functioning of the website and the ordering process, some traffic data is temporarily stored by us. This concerns data such as your IP address and device data on browser version and screen resolution, number of pages visited, etc. We need this to improve the usability of our site. This data is not personal.

Your data is secure
We do not sell or give in any case your data to third parties without your explicit consent.
Only in the case of exceeding the payment deadline set by us we are obliged to provide contact information to a collection agency employed by us. Your data is only accessible by our competent staff, they treat your data in confidence and are sworn to secrecy regarding personal data.